customized carbon product

SW2018 carbon fiber tripod plastic interface double axial single reverse photogr

Tripod selection experience

1. to be light and strong, preferred carbon fiber material of 

2. three sections than 4 although it will be longer when put away, but better stability than 

3. stretch lock form, spiral than buckle durability

4.3d head can be accurately adjusted in 3 directions, better than the ball table.

5.It is better not to have a pull bar connection between the 5 or 3 feet, but can be separately opened at different angles, which is conducive to use on steep slopes

6.The weight range of the tripod and cradle head must exceed the weight of your camera and the heaviest lens.In general, the total weight of the photographic bag + the total weight of the articles inside the bag should be exceeded. In this way, the camera bag can be hung on a tripod to carry weight and reduce the effect of wind on stability.

7. The height of the tripod shall extend the camera with all three legs, without lifting the middle column.The viewfinder should be about the same height as your eyes.

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