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What is the proper technique for hiking with trekking poles

Time:2018-05-29 14:21:17Click:2166 Author:admin
What is the proper technique for hiking with trekking poles?

There are three basic rules you need to follow:

RULE #1 – Adjust the height properly. This is a subjective adjustment, but adjusting the top of the pole to line up with your belt-line is a good starting point. You may go shorter for steep uphills, or longer for steep downhills. EXPERT TIP: keep the top section completely collapsed and use the lower section to adjust to the proper height. Then tweak the top section as needed for up-or-downhill hiking.

RULE #2 – Use the wrist straps properly. This is the number one problem that I see — most people haven’t learned how to use the wrist straps. It’s not really intuitive, but when used properly, your wrist strap will support your weight without requiring you to grip the hand at all!

RULE #3 – Swing the poles with rhthym. This is something you never really stop to think about, but even without poles your arms swing as you walk. When you put your right foot forward, your left arm swings forward as well. Our body does this to help maintain smooth balance as we move. With trekking poles, it’s no different. Plant the left pole forward as you step forward with your right foot (and vice versa). Develop a rhythm and put some energy into each “plant” and you’ll find you can literally propel yourself forward with the poles.

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