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trekking pole function

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Sometimes two legs are not enough for stability on the trail. A hiking or walking stick is the traditional way to give yourself a little more stability. Walking with two poles can provide even more stability and other workout benefits. Fitness walking poles, nordic walking poles,  are great for exercise on streets, sidewalks, and paths. Trekking poles are designed for use on trails and uneven terrain.


Walking With One Pole or Hiking Staff

A single walking stick, pole, or staff can give you stability, especially on loose terrain or when crossing streams. It also can relieve stress on the joints. A staff can also give you a measure of security - attackers are more likely to go annoy somebody who doesn't have a stick.


Fitness Walking and Nordic Walking Poles

A pair of fitness walking poles allow you to burn more calories while feeling no greater exertion when walking on streets, sidewalks, and paths. These poles come with instruction manuals and often with videos for the proper technique. Nordic walking grips are designed for the technique used, with a half-glove to allow the proper release of the pole on the back swing. They come with a removable rubber tip for switching between hard and soft surfaces.

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